Since our inception in 2007, our brand has made significant strides in pioneering sustainable products and services for our clients and friends around the world. At GoNitroTire NitroFleet99 we are committed to this mission. Go Nitro Tires is a memeber of the EPA Environmental Protection Agency, DOE Department of Energy and Clean Cities Association. Reducing carbon emissions and saving the environment. Stop pollution, drive cars with nitrogen filled tires.

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NASHVILLE, TN August 31st 2022 – Nashville based GoNitroTire, pioneers in providing Nitrogen Tire Inflation Products and Services in North America. The company is now manufacturing new & improved Nitorgen Aerosol top-off products.

With tire distributors and automotive dealerships throughout North America using Nitrogen for their ustomers, TireXtender and UltraTireXtender provide reasonably priced and convenient aerosol top-off products for automotive and cycling enthusiasts.

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A new material design could reduce pollution where the rubber meets the road. Strategically adding weak points to microscopic chains called polymers actually makes the chains harder to tear, scientists report in the June 23 Science. Because polymers are used in car tires, the findings could help reduce plastic pollution as tires wear down over time.

As tires scrape against the road, they drop tiny particles of rubber and plastic polymers that can pollute waterways and contaminate the air. Globally, tires shed about 6 million metric tons of this debris into the environment each year. Stronger polymers that break apart less easily could limit the pollution.

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The book spans the last 100 years of Nitrogen's use on the planet. From German scientists development of Nitrogen in 1913, as the key chemical in the production of weapons at a time that led to German imperialism and the rise of the Nazi party.

Liquid Nitrogen's utilization as the core chemical that gave rise to fertilizers that changed forever the food supply and fostered population growth around the planet from 1.8B in 1915 to 7.2B in 2015, are but two of the important stories that are explored in detail in this fascinating book.

Nitrogen tire inflation improves fuel efficiency by maintaining proper tire pressure for a longer period of time. Proper tire pressure improves fuel efficiency anywhere from three to six percent. That might not seem like a lot, but with gas prices the way that they are, the less money we can throw away, the better.

Nitrogen-filled tires have a longer life because they don't have the corrosive properties that come with air-filled tires, mainly the oxygen and the water vapor. Not only does oxidation ruin the rubber in the tire, but both the oxidation and the water vapor can affect the aluminum and steel wheels on the inside.

Nitrogen-filled tires create a smoother, safer ride. With underinflated tires, there is less contact area between the tire and the road surface. This leads to reduced steering control and a greater potential for blowouts.

Nitrogen-filled tires are a way to go green. Over 300 million tires are disposed of every year, and nitrogen tire inflation can reduce this amount by 30%. Also consider the fuel savings as another way to go green and to cut down on carbon emissions.

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Using nitrogen tire inflation versus conventional air in a tire effectively maintains the correct amount of tire pressure for longer and as a result, creates a smoother ride while improving steering and braking, while reducing the possibility of blowouts. Conventional air filled in a tire contains 21% oxygen with varying moisture amount. Air permeates through a tire wall over 3 to 4 times faster than Nitrogen, according to a Bridgestone statement. Oxygen molecules and moisture cause the air to diffuse thru tire rubber, THE basis for slow leaks, and deterioration of the tire and its durability. Another great advantage is the convenience of not having to refill tires as often. All American made cars fitted with tire pressure sensors will benefit because nitrogen reduces TPMS exposure to oxygen and moisture.

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"Gas mileage is king these days. People are buying fuel-efficient cars, taking less road trips, anything to reduce money spent on gas. But one of the real culprits may be under-inflated tires, which can decrease gas mileage up to 10 percent.

Tennesse-based GoNitroTire takes tire efficiency one step further, providing a product to fill your tires with nitrogen instead of oxygen. We discussed this technology with GoNitroTire Founder Ken Lawton..."


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From the New York Times: June 14, 2008

Making City Buses Run Cleaner Yields a Big Bonus: Fewer Trips to the Gas Pump Studies have shown that nitrogen is better for tires than plain air, according to Stephen Martini, the assistant chief officer of maintenance for the department of buses. Nitrogen leaks from the tires at a slower rate, meaning they have to be filled less often. And the pressure in nitrogen-filled tires is more likely to remain constant despite fluctuations in temperature. Normally, the pressure in air-filled tires rises as they heat up and falls as they cool...

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According to Fleet Equipment Magazine (FEM), Technology & Maintenance Council, Rubber Manufactures' Association (RMA), and Bridgestone/Firestone's, the single most important factor for increasing tire life is maintaining proper air pressure, with Nitrogen Tire Inflation this is accomplished more easily.


Environmentally friendy news reporter, EcoWatch, discusses how nitrogen tire inflation reduces our dependence on foreign oil and is a benefit to the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Read EcoWatch Journal's August-September issue featuring their article "Nitrogen Tire Inflation Reduces Our Dependence on Foreign Oil".

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Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure with Nitrogen For Electric Vehicles

Tires are designed for a specific pressure, and fuel economy improves by over 3% when that pressure is conserved. However, the US Department of Energy estimates that incorrectly inflated tires waste 3.56 million gallons of gas each year. When tires are filled with nitrogen, they lose pressure four times slower than air-filled tires. Conserving the pressure of tires improves fuel economy, and charge is used more efficiently in the case of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles bring several environmental benefits by themselves, even before adding nitrogen-filled tires. They can run with renewable energy sources, something that is not possible with gas cars. A common argument against...

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Benefits of Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure with Nitrogen

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency — Correct tire pressure keeps the manufacturer's recommended "contact patch" on the road.
  • Longer Tire Life — At high temperatures and pressures, oxygen reacts and damages inner tire liners and belt packages; nitrogen does not.
  • Increased Safety — Under-inflated tires cause 90% of blowouts. Nitrogen provides more reliable pressure for reduced blowout potential.
  • More Predictable Pressure Fluctuation — NASCAR teams use nitrogen so they can more accurately predict tire pressure fluctuation. Regular compressed air can fluctuate considerably when water vapor is present.

GIVE YOUR TIRES A SHOT OF NITROGEN WITH TIRE XTENDER Nitrogen is about safety, money savings through fuel economy, and improve our environment through longer lasting tires.

  • Nitrogen is not subject to fluctuation as outside temperatures rise and fall.
  • Nitrogen provides uniformly inflated tires. Which gives your vehicle better performance in fuel savings and improved tire wear.
  • Nitrogen inflated tires also provide superior handling characteristics - another reason it is used by serious professionals whose lives ride on their tires.

Learn About Tire Xtender Aerosol Nitrogen Treatment

We are a Clean Cities Affiliate, supporting environmental protection and eco friendly living. Environmental Protection Agency's Seal of Approval. Affiliated with the US Department of Energy's Clean City initiative.
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Nitrogen-filled tires help maintain correct tire pressure for longer periods of time, as it is a larger molecule. This results in increased fuel efficiency, longer tire life, and increased safety.
The EPA's Smart Way to Save Fuel, Money and the Environment.


NASCAR, Formula One, Trucking Industry, Metropolitan Transit Authority, New York City, Police Departments throughout the United States and Consumers and Fleet Operators everywhere interested in saving dollars on fuel and extending their tire wear.


Nitrogen tire inflation offers safer tires and environmentally friendly green technology. Nitrogen tire inflation now offered through our Ultra Fill 99+ service.

  • Let our state of the art tire service vehicle deliver for your business
  • Our NASCAR friendly team of men & women know tires
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GoNitroTire and NitroFleet99 are Affiliates of ACEEE.
GoNitroTire and NitroFleet99 are Affiliates of ACEEE.

GoNitroTire and NitroFleet99 are Affiliates of