proper tire pressure, nitrogen tire inflation

With proper tire pressure and nitrogen tire inflation, you won’t end up like this guy!

According to the Rubber Manufacturing Association, 85% of motorists don’t know how to properly inflate their tires. This is bad news considering that we are right in the middle of summer travel season, and that it really only takes a few minutes to ensure proper tire pressure in all five of your tires (yes, you ought to include the spare)!

“Our partnership and efforts continue today because our job is not finished,” said Charles Cannon, RMA president and CEO in Autoweek. “Too many drivers fail to do one simple task every month that will reduce their safety risk and help our nation conserve valuable natural resources. Checking tire pressure takes just five minutes, and it’s worth every second.”

Here are a few guidelines to help you inflate a tire properly:

  1. Check the current tire pressure. It’s best to do this on a monthly basis, and before and after long trips.
  2. Perform the check when the tire is cold (so, not right after driving).
  3. Use a tire pressure gauge to read the pressure (duh!)
  4. Make sure to use the recommended pressure listed in your owner’s manual as a guideline. DO NOT go by the number listed on the sidewall.
  5. If your tire(s) is under inflated, fix this immediately. Under inflated tires reduce your fuel efficiency and are a safety hazard when driving.

All that may seem like a lot, and let’s face it, checking your tire pressure is something that’s easy to forget. If there was a way to maintain proper tire pressure for longer periods of time, then it wouldn’t be so troublesome to forget. Maybe it might be easier to remember because I have to remember to check my pressure fewer times during the year. Well, such a solution is achievable with nitrogen tire inflation!

Inflating your tires with nitrogen instead of regular air has been shown to extend the life of your tire, increase fuel efficiency, and maintain proper tire pressure longer. If you find that you have under inflated tires, there’s no need to deflate them entirely of regular air before making the switch to pure nitrogen. Nitrofleet99, a provider of nitrogen tire inflation systems, demonstrates that nitrogen tire inflation is a green technology that doesn’t require any changes to your vehicle, only a behavioral change in how you inflate your tires when you pull up to the gas station or auto repair shop.

So what’s a motorist to do if you don’t know how to inflate your tires properly? Inflate them with nitrogen! It’s better in the long run, for you and your vehicle.