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Are we closer today than ten years ago to the widespread use of hybrid cars, truck and alternative fuels

“Are we closer today than ten years ago to the widespread use of hybrid cars, truck and alternative fuels” ? Absolutely.

We are at a point in the evolution of green cars where it is now realistic that at some point in the future, they will be the most widely used car. The quality of these cars is constantly improving and the latest news about these vehicles means we may be closer to the world using predominately environmentally friendly cars than we think. Electric & Hybrid cars are growing in popularity and even solar powered cars don’t seem as farfetched these days based on the latest news from Ford.
The reasons to buy a green car makes a lot more sense now than it would have 10 years ago. The current batch of vehicles have are more efficient and now have a range of up to 265 miles and are available for as little as $22,000.
Of course, a lot of people don’t have a green car yet but there is still a lot you can do to have a positive impact on the environment. For example, car pooling with friends and even leaving your car at home two days a week will reduce greenhouse emissions by an average of two tons per year.

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Hybrid Cars and Alternative Energy
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Fuel Efficiency News Roundup Nitrogen Tire Inflation

March Roundup of Nitrogen Tire Inflation News

nitrogen tire inflation
Nitrogen tire inflation got a lot of press this month! Check out some of the news you may have missed.

Just a few weeks ago, we wondered why there wasn’t a whole lot of news are regarding nitrogen tire inflation. However, it seems that we got our wish, and there’s quite a bit of news this month on the practice of filling your tires with nitrogen. The news covers the spectrum: four wheelers and 18-wheelers, consumers and commercial purposes, blogs and industry publications. Enjoy the good news!

The Advantages of Filling Your Tires with Nitrogen – Brant Shop Talk blog

The Reality Regarding Nitrogen in Tires – Automotive Parts blog

Are Your Ruining Your Tires with Compressed Air – Four Wheeler Magazine

Does Nitrogen Help Fuel Efficiency? – CBS Local

Consensus Scarce for Nitrogen Tire Inflation – Transport Topics

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Hybrid Tires News Roundup Nitrogen in Tires Myths Nitrogen Tire Inflation

What’s the Latest News on Nitrogen Tire Inflation?

nitrogen tire inflationWe at Nitrofleet99 ask this question because a quick online search of keyphrases like “nitrogen tire inflation”, “nitrogen for tires”, and “nitrogen in tires” reveals that there isn’t a whole lot of recent news regarding the practice. Most articles that come up in the results are from 2007 or 2008. Other than the articles that we’ve written on this blog or for other news sites, one of the most recent that we found was on a finance blog from 2010 (will respond to this specific article in an upcoming post).

So, what’s the news with the news? How did nitrogen tire inflation become a ‘passing fad’, when many managed fleets, auto repair shops, and auto dealerships are utilizing nitrogen, or are offering it to their customers? How did awareness of the benefits of nitrogen fall under the radar, especially when it seems that more and more people are learning about the practice, and discussing it on blogs and forums?

Unfortunately, we don’t know the answers to those questions, but we do know that with gas prices increasing (will also discuss in a later post), consumers need new ways in order to cut costs. We do know that the practice is becoming more common, and the use of nitrogen more pervasive, so nitrogen tire inflation is worth discussing for the sake of education. We also know that if someone doesn’t take the time to put the right information out there regarding nitrogen tire inflation, we are only providing the opportunity for nitrogen myths and misinformation to get out there and to control the conversation.

There hasn’t been a lot from us in the past few weeks, but we aren’t giving up on the conversation of hybrid tires and tire maintenance practices quite yet. Prepare to see a lot more from us in the future.



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News Roundup Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Nitrogen Tire Inflation in the News

nitrogen tire inflation
Read all about nitrogen tire inflation!

It’s sad that when you Google “nitrogen tire inflation”, the top two related searches are “nitrogen tire inflation myth” and “nitrogen tire inflation scam.” There are a few arguments at as to why nitrogen tire inflation is a waste of time of money: using air is free, air is already 78% nitrogen, benefits don’t outweigh the cost etc. We’ve been doing our best here at Nitronomics and at Nitrofleet99 to bust to counter those arguments. But, it’s time to show that we aren’t the only ones who support the practice of nitrogen in the tires.

Yes, we’ve previously covered studies from tires companies such as Ford and Michelin, but news outlets and industry magazines are covering this topic as well. Surely, they wouldn’t write an article promoting the practice if the whole thing was a scam or a myth. One of the most recent of these articles is a piece from Modern Tire Dealer, a business-to-business information source on the tire industry. Authored by John Daws Ph.D, he studied the oxygen permeation of several different inflation methods. Daws concluded that nitrogen tire inflation does have its benefits.

Nitrogen tire inflation may seem like a brand new concept, but it really isn’t. Not only has the practice been used by NASCAR and the airline industry for a long time, this Fox News article from 2006 shows that the concept of consumers using nitrogen in the their tires was around even five years ago. For something much more recent, Leslie Silverman of the Connecticut Watchdog wrote an excellent post last month on the benefits of nitrogen tire inflation and how it works.

Overall, if you don’t take our word for it, there’s the word of many others who are saying the same thing. We’ve found a lot of skeptics, but we haven’t found anyone or any evidence that say nitrogen tire inflation is harmful for your tires or bad for your vehicles in the long run. If anything, it’s worth a shot, at least once.

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