nitrogen tire inflation

Why wait to be like this guy before doing something about your tires, when you can do something about it now with nitrogen tire inflation?

We came across an article from Fox Business that debunked the benefits of nitrogen tire inflation. The article claimed that since you can’t slow air leakage from your tires, inflating them with nitrogen isn’t worth the $5 per tire cost. It also claimed that since studies couldn’t definitively conclude that nitrogen slows the oxidation and deterioration of your tire, it ought not to be considered a benefit.

Here at Nitronomics, we think that this Fox article from 2010 is missing the big picture. These benefits make a huge difference if you manage a fleet a vehicles for a company. The benefits have already been seen in law enforcement. Although a typical consumer doesn’t have a fleet of vehicles to manage, it only takes one dose of nitrogen tire inflation to see the difference and to better protect oneself against flats and tire blowouts. Especially in this busy summer travel season, where people more likely to experience a tire problem or to be driving on an under inflated tire (or more) since people are more likely to be driving longer distances. For a consumer, it only takes one flat or blowout to eat up a lot of time and money. Why wait until an emergency before doing something about it? After all, intelligent people solve problems, but geniuses prevent them.

So what if it may cost a little bit a money? That’s money well spent if it prevents an blowout from happening on the highway, where lives are at risk. It’s also money well spent if it saves money in the long run, which it does by boosting your fuel efficiency and extending the life of your tires. That’s less money on gas and tire replacement. Nitrogen tire inflation is like many other goods and services in life. You get what you pay for. If you’re willing to spend the money now in due diligence, it’ll pay off in the long run. Choose to scrimp now, and you might end up paying a very different price.

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