Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Nitrogen tire inflation is a good way to add sustainability and energy management to your managed fleet.

Nitrogen in tires not only does well for the bottom line of a managed fleet, but it also helps with energy management and sustainability. If managed fleets want to add a hybrid tires or going green branding/spin to their company and its services, then nitrogen tire inflation can provide that benefit as well.

Nitrogen in tires can help a managed fleet go green in three ways: fuel efficiency, extended tire life, and carbon emission reduction. Carbon emission reduction comes from the improvement in fuel efficiency, while extended tire life means that each tire lasts longer, and fewer of them will end up in landfills. Obviously, the improvement in fuel efficiency in and of itself is good for the environment. The less fossil fuels used, the better.

Why should managed fleets care about energy management and sustainability? Is this something that customers and shareholders care about? Would this even be something that a company board of directors or a CEO will care about? Maybe for a managed fleet, going green for the sake of going green may not mean a whole lot. However, going green (especially with the practice of putting nitrogen in tires) can cut significant fuel and maintenance costs. That is something that customers, shareholders, a board of directors, and a CEO will all consider a good thing.

In fact, this type of energy management will not only cuts costs, but those cut costs mean additional funds for hiring more people, updating facilities, improving company infrastructure, or even lowering prices for your customers. All that sounds like win-win for everyone! To think all that can come from one simple change from air tire inflation to nitrogen tire inflation.

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